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Villas in the Americas

Americas - North and South America and Canada

The Americas is a vast continent covering an area of 8.3% of the earths total, so it is not surprising that the Americas have a lot to offer.

The northern most point of the Americas is Kaffeklubben Island, an island off the north coast of Greenland.

The southern most point of the Americas is Southern Thule, a collection of three islands in the South Sandwich Islands.

The most eastern point of the Americas is Nordostrundingen, a headland in Greenland and the most western point is Attu Island, an island in the Near Islands group of the Aleutian islands

The Americas have a diverse range of interest and is an excellent location for a villa or home rental holiday. From log cabins in Canada to the more traditional villas of Florida, California and other parts of the USA, not to mention the adventurous regions of South America which include Peru and Brazil.

Montreal Canada
Montreal, Canada

Maya Pyramid Caracol Belize
Maya Pyramid at Caracol, Belize

Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Aspen Colorado USA
Aspen, Colorado, USA

Niagara Falls Canada
Niagara Falls Canada


Holiday Destinations in the Americas

Central America
South America
United States of America

Aconcagua Argentina
Aconcagua, highest mountain in the Americas

Llama  Colarada Belize
Llama in the Laguna Colarada, Belize

Macchu Picchu Peru
Macchu Picchu, Peru

Hollywood, USA
Hollywood, California, USA

Map of the Americas
Map of North and South America