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Andaman Islands - Indian Ocean
Andaman Islands - Indian Ocean
Andaman Islands - Indian Ocean
Andaman Islands - Indian Ocean
Andaman Islands - Indian Ocean
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Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are situated in the Bay of Bengal and are part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Union Territory of India. There are five hundred and seventy six islands which make up the Andaman Group but only twenty six of these are inhabited. This makes the Andaman Islands extremely special and an ideal way to return to nature.

The Andaman Islands are still in their infancy for tourism, which many may view as a great advantage. They are still unspoilt and this may be the perfect chance to enjoy a true "desert island" experience. The journey is long and difficult but that is all part of the fun for those who like adventure.

The islands have been home to indigenous tribes for thousands of year and are an anthropogists dream. The Andaman Islands are covered by tropical rain forests with a wide range of wildlife.A permit is required to visit the Andaman Islands.

The Nicobar Islands are restricted to Indian Nationals.Some areas such as the Tribal Reserves are restricted and rightly so. The Andaman Islands are a tropical paradise which are a delight and privilege to visit, but should be left as found.

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