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Villas in Abaco

The Abacos are a 120 mile chain of islands amidst calm seas and excellent sailing, snorkelling and swimming opportunites.

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Villas in Andros

Andros is the largest island in the Bahamas yet still retains a peaceful and idyllic location. Andros is particularly suitable for those who love fishing.

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Villas Berry Islands

The Berry Islands are a chain of thirty islands and over one hundred cays. The Berry Islands have some spectacular beaches.

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Villas Bimini Islands

Bimini is the closest island chain of the Bahamas to the USA. The ocean surrounding Bimini is one of the best game fishing spots in the world. Other interests are the Bimini Road and the legend of the Fountain of Youth.

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Villas Cat Island

Cat Island is a relaxing island which forms part of the out islands. Cat Island has excellent sandy beaches.

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Villas Eleuthera

Eleuthera is an island which is an excellent destination for those interested in history and nature.

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Villas Exhuma Bahamas

The Exhuma Islands are a group of islands with natural harbours and secluded beaches.

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